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The nationwide tax services shops are known for hiring and training individuals without significant tax experience to prepare and advise on tax returns.  The information they receive is often incomplete and tax dollars are left in the government's pocket.  With the same, local, experienced tax preparer each year, you will cultivate an important relationship with a caring individual.  We will know and understand your family's ever-changing dynamic and how that impacts your financial situation.  We will help your family and/or business focus on its priorities while we handles your taxes, bookkeeping, and other important planning service items.  

Everyone’s tax situation is unique and so is the pricing. With a quick 3-5 minute phone call, we will gather information on your ‘tax life’ and concerns and provide a quote for services. If you are a Dave Ramsey fan, Sabrina is one of his Endorsed Local Tax Providers. He has an article AVAILABLE HERE to help set expectations on tax preparation service costs. You can also view a more detailed analysis from Canopy Tax (a popular tax practice software for CPAs) AVAILABLE HERE. We will work with you to determine the fairest pricing structure for your needs.

Below you find a general fee range for our services:

  • $150-$250 starting for a Form 1040 and one State return (individual)
  • $300-$400 starting for a Form 1040, Schedule A and one State return (individual)
  • $450 starting for a Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule C, Home Office, and one State return (individual)
  • $50-$100 starting for each additional state, each additional local tax return (i.e. NYC) and/or additional Schedule C

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